Five Detailing Levels

Here in EDC we aim to create a “better than new showroom finish”. This is where our Five well created package came from! Every package is designed to meet and exceed our customers expectation based on their budget and scope of works needs to be done. We have spent endless of hours to gather the expertise allowing us to provide a service that fits the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the cars we work with, restoring, enhancing and protecting your precious vehicle.

Level 1: EXPRESS

This option is like your usual normal wash routine with more extensive cleaning. We cover the exterior of your vehicle (including wheels/tyres and under your guards), and clean and wipe all exterior surfaces of the interior. Full vacuum of the interior, interior and exterior glass is cleaned

  • Professional water blaster rinse - under guard included

  • Snow Foam shampoo the vechicle (Ph Neutral) 

  • Hand Wash using 2 bucket method & Dry

  •  Complete Vacuum of Interior and Trunk

  •  Doorjambs Cleaned

  • Wiper Blades Cleaned

  •  Tires cleaned, protected & shined

  •  Rims cleaned using Iron Remover

  •  Exterior windows wiped to shine

Est. Time: 2.5 - 4 hours

Car Size:


Level 2: Deluxe

Est. Time: 3 - 5 hours

This option is a good step-up from the 1st option it adds a protective layer to the whole vehicle (exterior and interior). We put a 3-6 months sealant on the whole vehicle that creates a good shine and hydrophobic effect on the paint & glass surfaces. This sealant helps to protect against tree fallout, bird poo & other environment contamination.  Exterior plastic will be coated with a rejuvenating cream that will boost the exterior look of the plastic trims. We also apply a protection on all the interior panel surfaces.

Level 1 plus:​​

  • Wheel Waxed

  • 3 Months Paint Sealant Application

  • 3 Month Glass Treatment

  • Exterior Plastics Treatment

  • Dashboard & Center Console Brushed, cleaned & protected

  • Door Card Clean & Protection

  • Interior Glass cleaned

Car Size:


Level 3: Enhance

Est. Time: 1 - 1.5 Days

Without interior Detail

Car Size:


This option is our initial attack on our paint enhancemen service and for budget seekers. This might also apply for customers who just received their new cars from the dealerships. We decontaminate the whole vehicle to remove any contamination that is stuck on the pain (tar, tree saps, iron rust etc.) We do a comprehensive 1 stage machine polish procedure, which will remove evident swirl marks and fill minor scratches. Deeper scratches and damaged panels will not be fixed by this option. To finish, we will apply a 6 month sealant on the paint that will protect your paint from UV & other environmental factors while giving your paint a deep gloss.

Level 2 plus:​​

  • Exterior Paint Decontamination (Clay and Iron Removal Treatment)   

  • Under gurad wash

  • 1 Stage Machine Polish 

  • Quick Engine Bay Detail

  • 6 Months Paint Sealant

Car Size:


Level 4: Correction

Est. Time: 1.5 - 2.5 Days

Car Size:


This option is our initial attack on our paint correction and enhancement service. After the deontamination process the paintwork is treated to a 2 stage paint correction process to eliminate defects including medium swirl marks and holograms. Panels are alcohol wiped after every stage to ensure true correction.

To finish we top it up with a high grade paint sealant that will last up to 12 months

Level 3 plus:​​


  • 2 Stage Machine Paint Correction

  • Plastic Headlight & Taillight Correction

  • 12 Months High Grade Paint Sealant

  • Exhaust tips Rejuvenated 

  • Wheel face Sealant


Level 5: EDC Signature Detail

Est. Time: 2 - 3 Days

Price: POA

This level is created for vehicles that deserves that much love to bring it back to its elegant state, beauty and sophistication. On this level the Paintwork is treated to a three-to-four stage paint correction process to eliminate defects such as heavy swirl marks, holograms and scratches. Deeper surface scratches might still be evident because they are not safe to remove. ​ The focus of this service is to eliminate the inconsistent, distorted finish found in modern clear coats. Our Signature treatment focuses on improving the factory finish achieving a far superior standard.

Level 4 plus:​​


  • 3 - 4 Stage Machine Paint Correction

  • Deep surface scratches are leveled using specifically designed finishing papers.

  • 12 Months High Grade Paint Sealant

  • All leather surfaces are cleaned and then protected with leather guard.


Car Size Guide 

Small – Small Hatchback (eg. 2 door hatchbacks, toyota vitz)

Medium – Small Sedan, coupe, hatchback (eg. 1 series, a-class, 3 series or c class)

Large – Large Sedan, wagon or small SUV’s (eg. 5 series, E class or XC60)

Extra Large – Full Size SUV or UTE (eg. Range Rover Sport, X5 or Ford Ranger)